Company Profile


Jinyuan Corporation (000546) is a listed corporation which engages in cross-provincial development and specializes in its three main businesses such as building materials, environmental protection and new energy resources, as well as comprehensive recycle of rare metals and exploitation and extraction of lithium resources. It has ¥ 715 million registered capital, over 4,000 employees, ¥ 10 billion assets and generates over ¥ 1 billion.
  Since being listed in 2014, Jinyuan Corporation has focused on the market and the orientation of the industry, adjusted continuously the strategy and layout of the whole organization, sticking to its basic principles such as remaining true to the original aspiration, keeping pace with the times and forging ahead.
  In 2015, the company entered the environmental protection industry officially and exchanged its name from Jinyuan Cement Ltd. Company to Jinyuan Environmental Protection Ltd. Company. This change of name is an important milestone in the development of Jinyuan Corporation, marking the industry extension from a single cement industry to the environmental industry and the new type environmental protection construction materials and laying a firm foundation for the company’s industrial restructuring.
  In 2021, in order to respond to national appeal, the company considered the situation, took a firm stand in the development prospect of the new energy resources and engaged actively in the resource allocation of upstream lithium ores in new energy resources. On the 9th of April, Jinyuan New Energy Development Ltd. Company was set up, which symbolized the corporation has officially entered the field of new energy resources and realized cross-industrial development, marking the second rising of the corporation.